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Welcome students – is a website assembled for a single purpose: to make writing college essays easier for college students, especially those who may not be as comfortable with the writing process. The website is a project of the mysterious Writer X, a trained educator who aims to provide no-nonsense guides to important writing questions in and out of the classroom.

Writer X developed to share essential composition tips that would help students based on years of classroom observation. The website aims to provide straightforward guides to writing essays for college classes across disciplines and formats.

Please address any concerns, questions, or comments on the contact page.

Who is Writer X?

Writer X elects to remain anonymous but retains a stylish appearance. - Writer X image depicting a man in a luchador mask and business suit with a drink sitting at a desk with a laptop in a painted style.
Writer X – Hard at Work

Writer X is the pseudonym of a composition instructor who works at a Southern California Community College. Writer X has multiple years in the classroom teaching composition and over a decade of writing experience across numerous industries.

To maintain privacy, Writer X has elected not to reveal much personal information. Writer X can confirm that they received a Bachelor’s of English at UC Riverside and a Master’s in Literature and Writing Studies at CSU San Marcos.

Writer X maintains on their own and is the only credited author of the website. If you need to contact Writer X for further information, please use the contact page.

Can I use the content of at my academic institution?

It would be fantastic for to become a trusted source for writers at various colleges and universities. Writer X has provided a Creative Commons Attribution notice on the website to ensure that helpful knowledge on the website is made available to those who need it without the need for payment.

In short, feel free to share, modify and distribute information published here on – but please mention Writer X’s work. Creative Commons Attribution features an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license means you can adapt, modify, and share content on this website, but it does not allow for commercial use of the work. If you want to copy parts or whole pages of the website to distribute for educational purposes, you are free to do so. Writer X asks for a simple attribution.

Creative Commons License by Writer X is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start this website, Writer X?

I wanted a way to share the information I have gleaned from my experience in the classroom without being beholden to content guidelines at my current college. I may present views that do not align with my existing employment institutions.

Why are so many grammar articles on a website about writing college essays?

The simple answer is that, as an educator, I have seen that grammar issues are still something many students struggle with. Either because they lack experience, forgot the rules, or never learned them. I don’t judge anyone for their grammar issues, but understanding the essentials of grammar and sentence craft is one way to increase an essay’s quality exponentially.